Welcome to your next adventure

Designed to drop seamlessly into your home games, and system agnostic, Quest Chests are the perfect event for any playgroup. You can use elements of a Chest for a one-shot adventure, run the whole Chest as a multi-session mini-campaign, or even integrate the story into your ongoing existing campaign. The Quest Chest is a great addition to the treasury of any GM, and will add a physical immersive element to the storytelling and world building at your table.

What’s included?

Great question! Quest Chests contain a myriad of elements to help draw players into the world in a tactile and meaningful way. While each Chest is different, you can expect resources such as:

  1. A Quest Guide
  2. Authentic prop map
  3. Metal coins
  4. Wax-Sealed, mission-based letters
  5. Riddles and secrets hidden within physical props
  6. Customized scenario music
  7. Professionally voice-acted narration
  8. Interact-able storyline items
  9. And more!

Your players will learn to pay attention to the smallest details, feeling the thrill of discovery as they uncover mysteries and solve puzzles through their own perception and intuition, using the included items as clues, and keys.

What’s the story?

If you’re interested in knowing more about our first Chest, “Stone Oaths & Golden Lies”, check out the page here.
If you’d like to learn about our second quest, “Assassin’s Crown”, click here.

Who created Quest Chest?

Quest Chest is designed and produced by FoxWing Games, which is a collaboration between Austin Hartell(Dungeon Artist) and BookwyrmGames. Please check us out and stay tuned for updates!