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General Quest Chest Info

Quest Chests are immersive, system-agnostic tabletop roleplaying modules. They can be played individually, or can be dropped into an existing campaign.

They include a variety of items to help build immersion, and to act as physical puzzles for your players during the adventure, such as:

  • Quest Guide with information on running the adventure
  • Wax-sealed letters and maps to hand to your players
  • Metal coins
  • Sensory-elements:
    • Each box will have a different sensory element to activate your player’s other senses. Some of the options are:
    • Scented candles
    • Loose-leaf tea
    • Coffee
    • Candy
    • and more!
  • Digital downloads such as:
    • Custom-composed music
    • Audio narration of the letters, and other key moments
    • Digital versions of all print materials for virtual play
    • Editable versions of letters so you can change names and reprint them for your own setting
    • Encounters with full stats for: Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Pathfinder 2e, Powered by the Apocalypse, and more. These encounters are built for levels 1, 3, 5, and 7 so GMs can tailor the adventure to the desired difficulty.

Quest Chest Brand-Guide:


For Titles, use Cinzel Decorative – Black.

For Headers, use Cinzel – Bold.

For Body, use EB Garamond – Regular.

Color Pallet

Primary: Charcoal – Hex #414042

Accent: Aztec Gold – Hex #C09F4F

Red: Blood Red – Hex #B02A37

Kickstarter Images/Copy

General Information

The Kickstarter is going to include 5 new quests; the first 4 can be run independently, or combined together to make a long campaign. The 5th quest is called the Campaign Chest. This deliberately ties the previous 4 adventures into an epic finale, where the seemingly separate encounters are discovered to have been connected.

The Pledge Tiers

  • $49: A single quest from the current campaign(except for the finale Campaign Chest). These quests include everything a normal quest does, but will also include downloadable 3D-printable STL files for the monsters/boss of the adventure.
  • $199: The Campaign Chest. This includes all 5 of the quests from this campaign, the 4 stand-alone quests, and the finale Campaign Chest, which ties them all together in an epic ending. You will also be included in the digital-credits as a “Producer”
  • $349: All-In: Standard. This tier includes everything from the campaign chest tier, plus both previous quests, and all standard-edition addons, including custom dice, leather dice box, rolling tray, world-map poster, t-shirt, stickers and pin set.
  • $449: All-In: Deluxe. This tier includes everything from the Standard edition, except all of the addons have been upgraded to their deluxe versions. Gemstone dice, wooden dice box, exclusive “Founders” shirt, signed/numbered poster, sticker and pin set, and your name in the print-version of the credits as an “Executive Producer”.