Stone Oaths and Golden Lies

The First adventure

Welcome to Stormhaunt

An ancient castle steeped in dark folklore. Few go near this edifice of shadows, living in fear of the undead king that is whispered to still haunt its crumbling halls. An eerie disquiet emanates from the very stones, bolstered by the shriek and howl of raging storms which constantly batter the far side of the mountains.

The guards who remain there are shaken, as tensions rise between the north and south, and they are caught at the precipice of disaster. All the while, something stirs once again in the deep caverns beneath the castle, and its inhabitants have had troubling dreams of late.

What’s inside?

  • A 10-page Quest Guide that describes in detail how to run the adventure.
  • An 8×10 map, sealed and hand-worn, with a riddle and invisible secrets within.
  • 5 Wax-sealed letters, each with secret messages, riddles, and more secrets.
  • A high-quality metal coin, that plays a crucial role to the story and puzzles.
  • A hand-made scented candle that will play an important role in immersing your players.
  • A 10ml bottle of Wraith-Bone, that glows in the dark, and provides a crucial gameplay element.
  • Access to a resources page that includes:
    • Downloadable copies of all the content within the box.
    • Up-to-date stats for all of the monsters, and NPCs for a variety of systems including: 5E, Pathfinder, and more.
    • A music library curated and created for the quest.
    • Downloadable copies of the images, logos, and more so that you can appropriate them for your home game at your leisure, and tie this adventure into your existing game.


Stone Oaths & Golden Lies is available now! Click here to purchase one while supplies last!

The Quest Chest is designed by Austin Hartell (better known as Dungeon Artist) and Michael Paylor (owner and proprietor of Bookwyrm Games).