Assassin’s Crown

A Thrilling Murder Mystery

Welcome to Ioatha

A city ruled by 5 monarchs(4 monarchs and a president, technically). Each of them rule over portions of the city’s infrastructure. Agriculture, Policing, The Church, The Criminal Underworld, and the Banks.

Ancient and powerful is the walled city of Ioatha. Positioned at the junction of two rivers, it lies upstream from the major river that runs to the south. This geographic location has allowed it to trade as needed, but also remain on the periphery of major trade-routes. The City of Kings is a strong, if relatively isolated city-state.

Great are it’s walls, erected long ago to combat the growing wilds around it. It is this seclusion that has allowed the city to grow with relatively little outside influence.

What’s inside?

  • A 10-page Quest Guide that describes in detail how to run the adventure.
  • An 8×10 map, sealed and hand-worn, with a riddle and invisible secrets within.
  • 3 Wax-sealed letters, each with secret messages, riddles, and more secrets.
  • 2 high-quality metal coins, that plays a crucial role to the story and puzzles.
  • 2 varieties of Tea that will play an important role in immersing your players, and solving the puzzle.
  • A small strip of fabric, with a UV-sensitive symbol that provides a crucial gameplay element.
  • Access to a resources page that includes:
    • Downloadable copies of all the content within the box.
    • Professionally voice-acted lines of dialogue, to immerse your players and allow them to experience the mystery audibly.
    • Up-to-date stats for all of the monsters, and NPCs for a variety of systems including: 5E, Pathfinder, and more.
    • A music library curated and created for the quest.
    • Downloadable copies of the images, logos, and more so that you can appropriate them for your home game at your leisure, and tie this adventure into your existing game.


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The Quest Chest is designed by Austin Hartell (better known as Dungeon Artist) and Michael Paylor (owner and proprietor of Bookwyrm Games).