Quest Coin Digital Resources

If you’re seeing this, it’s because you won one of our Quest Coins! Congratulations!!! These coins can be dropped into any existing adventure, or form the basis of a new adventure if you’d like. They include a riddle and cipher that your players can solve. Maybe it unlocks a treasure, maybe it spells their doom, maybe it opens a portal to a world where squids eat fine cheese and are ruled by a sapient coral reef names Guiseppe. The world is your oyster, and this coin is your pearl.

Here’s how it can work!

Your players receive this coin, whether through a wish, dropped by a giant goblin, or emerged from a pit in the ground on the back of a giant tortoise. However they receive it, now they have it!

On the coin is a cipher, and you can give the players as much or as little of the answer key as you wish. Then, you can give them the remainder of the cipher as rewards for completing smaller quests, or for continuing their journey. Alternatively, you can just let them solve the cipher on their own, if you have players who love a challenge.

Here is the full, decoded cipher:

After the cipher is decoded, the riddle on the coin will read as follows:





From here, feel free to tie this riddle however you would like into your worldbuilding and setting. Perhaps there is a dark forest where a lost artifact rests, buried in ash. Maybe there’s an elven sorcerer named Ash who lives in a silver mine under a mountain. This allows you a starting point into a brand new adventure that you can make your own!

We hope you enjoy this coin, and that it inspires wonderful stories to share with your party. If you’re interested in more items and quests like this, including full adventures that you can drop into your existing game or run as stand-alone adventures, with fully statted out encounters, music, narrated voice-over, more metal coins, wax-sealed letters, candles, tea, coffee and much more, check out our Quest Chest Kickstarter! With 7 unique quests packed full of props and puzzles!